De nacht wacht
En lacht
Laat het komen
En je zieltje lonen
Laat het gaan
Langzaam gaan
Voel je als een
De nacht open
Te vliegen
En niet te liggen

La Brujitaaa


97 gedachtes over “★Zielvlieggg★

  1. “The watchman’s out, kicking your dreams about
    It feels so good, knowing the watchman’s gone
    It’s like a song, knowing the watchman’s gone”

    “The Watchman’s Gone” – Gordon Lightfoot

  2. Love the Photo! Unfortunatley I can’t read any of your posts I’m sure they’re amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog! Stop by again soon!
    Bridget ;>}

      1. You are welcome;) por nada (I think I said it right :)Bit rusty saying this..:)

      2. Ok I sorry I don’t remember the words sorry I had to cheat on Googlie .translate. Glad that you are well..

      1. How did you get the crow as a pet? The reason I’m asking is that in the U.S. it’s not legal to keep crows as pets because they are meant to be living in the wild. But the laws are different in different countries. Do you live in Holland, Spain?
        Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Curious, and knowing no German, I used first Google translate:

    The night guard
    and laughs
    Let it come
    And your soul wages
    Let it go
    slowly go
    Feel like a
    Open all night
    to fly
    And do not lie

    and then Bing translate:

    The night watch
    And laughs
    Let it come
    And your soul wages
    Let it go
    Go slowly
    Feel like a
    The night open
    To fly
    And not to lie

    On the whole, I prefer Bing!

    Great poem. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the link to the site. Daniel Walthers sells ravens that are not native to the U.S., so it is not illegal. I’m sure that you love your raven, and that he or she loves you too. I love my pets too, so that is completely understandable. Because you love your raven, I’m sure you will understand though that, as a general rule, wild birds should remain in the wild. Once they are tame, then they cannot be returned to the wild, but it is best if they remain wild birds and are not bred in captivity. This is true of parrots too. It’s no longer legal to import parrots into the U.S. that have been wild-caught. I am retired now, but I was a wildlife rehabilitator for many years — rehabilitating injured birds and then returning them to the wild. Living free in the wild is a gift that is the natural legacy of these birds. I’m sure that you will agree.

      1. I don’t speak Dutch, but what I can see, is that you said, “Thank you very much Marion! I am glad you like my blog (happy face wink).” My answer: you are very much welcome! 😉 also.

  5. Geehrte Brujita Loca! Mit Hilfe meiner unvollkommenen Erziehung in der deutschen Sprache, ich verstehe meistenteils was Sie auf Niederlaendisch schreiben. Ein grosses Vergnuegen. Sie entzuenden in mir Drang weiteres Vortschritt ins Hollaendisch zuzustreben und mir dazu helfen. Besten Dank.
    Ausgezeichneter nom de plume! Ich gratuliere!

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