8 gedachtes over “‘Woodkid – I Love You (Official Video)’ bekijken op YouTube

  1. I sure wish I could understand other languages. But I like seeing poetry all lined up with words I can’t understand. There’s something about the mysterious combination of letters.
    I also was wondering if the bird in your pictures is your pet. A raven?
    It’s a beautiful bird. Does it chirp in Dutch?
    Have a great day!

      1. Super cool pet. How long do Ravens live?
        I wish I had a farm where I could have pets all over the place. I’d like to have one of each animal in the world as a pet.
        Seeing as you like music AND birds, I thought you might like to listen to a song i did recently: Fly Like an Eagle by The Steve Miller Band.

        well, tell Mr. Raven i said “hi”…in Dutch, of course.
        I’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures on your blog.

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