16 gedachten over “‘Moullinex – Darkest Night (OFFICIAL VIDEO HD)’ bekijken op YouTube

  1. It is such a deliciously transporting piece. I felt I was in Spain again in the 70s. Oh what a time it was.

  2. I added to May Muse. Note:

    May Muse
    When cool rains glistens
    When an oboe player listens
    When condo dwellers move to land
    When women talk, life unplanned
    When pink petals move in the winds
    When novices are pinned
    When the pace retreats to slow
    When collected seeds are sewn
    When groups form outside the rules
    When life is land and farming tools
    When electricity is made a better way
    When starvation rules the day
    When human beings survive this mess
    When hard work leads to life undressed…
    Then, returned to about three billion
    Then allowed to feel cotillions
    Then immersed in natural spirit
    Then land fills up, while others clear it
    The books again become the way
    Then children see a better day
    Then, after crashes, wars and oil
    Then, when generations boil
    Then and only then earth’s saved
    Then, with no more highways paved,
    Then, when solar and wind power
    Then, when nature’s triumphs tower,
    Then, unpolluted water, land and air
    Then an earth for our heir’s heirs.

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