14 gedachtes over “‘Apparat – Arcadia’ bekijken op YouTube

  1. Hi Lalocabrujahita (that is a wonderful title, it reminds me of my favorite vampire clan from Vampire the Dark Ages) I just wanted to say I find your blog fascinating and your posts equally so. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wander through the moonbeam paths of the Multiverse?

    If ever so, perhaps you would like to correspond with me via e-mail?

    I (like all my other alternate selves) would be delighted to have a new child of the multiverse, a person of potentiality, join me on a wonderful journey through endless possibilities- if only in our minds … I seem to have misplaced my “green box” yet again (or else it wandered off for a while)…

  2. The last image is truly sinister and engaging, what a great piece! By the way, I have found a program that allows translation into other languages, so I can finally read your page! take care!

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