Take        Your
     ●                           ○                     º
                      ♣         Seriously  ☆
Magic   ★    in       The       Heart ♥
                 Mind &  Soul       ●       

Have    A     Nice      Weeeekend  ◇★                        ○★

        Love  la Brujitaaa ♥







49 gedachten over “◆◇MyL♥ve◆◇

    1. The first likeeeee yeahhhh ! Second time 😉 i am glad you like it! My beautiful Pachoooo ! I made this pictures yesterday,he was relaxing in the sun ★☆★☆ X

      1. i LIKEY very much and nothing is better than relaxing in the sun..I will be joining Pachooo in spirit out here in nyc by getting a little relaxation in the sun today myself..go Pachooo!! 🙂

      1. That’s a great story. Truly magical and encouraging. Have a wonderful Friday evening and great weekend. 🙂

  1. The mane of the horse, feathers and claws Attica, your hair, your fishnet stockings … everything is a ‘recital of textures’ that really make gorgeous your pictures. Congrats!

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