When i asked my Jackdaw… wich hairpiece i shall were?
She told me … do were the red one
I told her that i prefer the purple hairpeace because it’s more witchyyyy !
I said allricht i will were it because you want it.
And what said madam Jackdaw  when i puf it on my head?
She lauching me out with a tasty echoooo 😉

La Brujitaaa








32 gedachtes over “My★Jackdaw’s★Taste★

  1. You are so wonderfully eccentric Brujita 🙂 and so beautiful in that wig (although I prefer your natural look) you are rather crazy and weird 🙂 thank goodness I enjoy having crazy and weird friends

  2. Whether English or Dutch, your words have charm. I’m inspired by you to learn pieces of Dutch, too.

    Small bits of vocabulary can be so fun.

    Like “boom.” A word frequent in your poems that, in English, means tree.

    But in English, “boom” is the sound of an explosion something very loud. But similar to “boom” is “beam,” a large sturdy piece of wood used in the building of structures. Language is neat!

    And if you mix up the languages, you can get silly sounding sentences:

    Hakken in een boom / makes a loud boom when / de boom valt.


  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and fascinating life. I am still trying to find ravens to photograph for you – it is the middle of winter here and there are not many about. I will keep searching!

  4. Dank je wel muchas graciassss lieve bloggerss! Jullie mooie reacties ! Jullie inspireren mij ! Nooit gedacht dat jullie mijn werk zo cool zouden gaan vinden ! Thanksss!!!♥♥♥ BiG HUG ! La Brujitaaa ♥

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