‘Tica’ bekijken op YouTube

Tica: http://youtu.be/EqjQtEiY6QE
Tica sayssss Hellllooooooooo thereeee! Her lovely voice 😉


               Tica 4 weeks old



               Tica 8 weeks old


           Ticaaaa 3 months old


       Tica nowwww 5 monthsss


         ★★La Brujitaaa★★

28 gedachten over “‘Tica’ bekijken op YouTube

  1. What a majestic figure your companion makes 🙂 and you’ve watched her from day to day, nurtured Tica as she grew from sunrise to sunset and back again 🙂 such devotion is to be commended as is how you are so in touch with such creatures… I am in awe of you Brujita as always 🙂

    Shade and sweet water 🙂 from your devoted admirer, The Bjorns Who Are One

  2. Tica seems like such a charming friend- curious and playful!

    And friend is vriend. Playful is speels, which is a fun word. Finally, charmant betekent “charming.” Thank you! You inspire learning!

  3. Happiness – sweet…
    I am sharing some appreciation and recognition today
    No requirements attached… Peace and joy is all ~ Eric
    PS I believe awards ought be given only – without any requirement… I have a few that have a requirement yet to share. This one came without conditions to me… the best – and I appreciate you… so,hoping you have a blessed week – because it takes me about that long or longer to get around the blogosphere these days.

  4. What a beautiful, intelligent companion you have in Tica and she clearly trusts and adores you. I love the photo of her at 8 weeks, when she was still fluffy 🙂

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