Wolkje aan
De lucht
Zal ik op je
En neem een vlucht
Kraaien kauwen raven
Vliegen mee
Door een wolken
Haven heen
In de verte zien we
Een mooie ekster
Op een zilveren
Kom met ons mee
In onze wereld
Van magie
Daar wacht jou
Mooie ochtendster

La Brujitaaa







82 gedachtes over “★WolkSter★

  1. I enjoy so much the imagery and poetry of your posts, but my favorite part might be how you consistently challenge the reader and camera with your self-portrait…

  2. I am, as always impressed by your spirit, and how you are so okay in your own skin. America can be so puritanical and personally I have the mind of an Elfquest elf.

    I personally like your personality as much as your physical form and your poems are excellent 🙂 I loved the time we shared our stories through our words – that was so very magical for me ❤ ❤ ❤

    Maybe we can share in one of those moments again sometime ❤ sharing in a kind of recognition ❤ where e'en though we are far apart our hearts and minds briefly join ❤

    – Your devoted admirer,
    The Bjorns Who Are One

  3. You make a beautiful art, I love their tint of darkness, they are truly wonderful. Your picture reminds me of KatieJane Garside, the singer from Queen Adreena, you are very beautiful !

  4. wonderful photos. how the actual shapes become something more something extra – more than what they are. the mystery among the “obvious”. cool.

  5. …had to return to visit today to see what is up with you today as today i used one of your photos in a post…this most recent post is astonishingly arrestingly awesomely aspiringly audaciously drop dead gorgerous! -marc

  6. Bravo! Edgar Allen Poe would be an awe struck follower of your blog. The way you infuse sensuality, creativity and life into your poetry is inspiring. Yours is a work of bewitching creativity and passion. Thank you for sharing your work.

  7. I am new to seeing what you create but on a first view I am drawn to the dreamlike and haunting imagery… indelible feeling and tones in this beautiful sequence. Grateful to follow your art.

  8. Just fantastic. Your freedom and love of animaks infects my mind and will soon be into my poems fir sure. I spent a month locked up in Beijing working on a novel. Now back in the blogosphere

  9. i’m quite inspired by not only the image, but the feeling it evokes and the way you use the camera and yourself to portray your message. thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing more. JT

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