●      Never    forget ★
that     the       most     ◆               *
                      ◆               powerful  

             force on earth              ☆◆
                 is LOVE ♥         *
   *           You are where 
                      º   you need to be★

                just breathe!!   ♡







145 gedachten over “♥Love♥

  1. You like my posts before I can even read them over to see if they are at all grammatical. WOW. You are a never-ending fountain of support, animal love, freedom and must be a very happy person yourself. I want to meet you.

  2. thank you for liking my post it gave me an opportunity to discover your lovely page. I adore your beautiful picture and your words speak the truth, love is indeed the most powerful force on earth, bless you, CC xx

  3. Lovely photos and words. I was following you but WordPress has been doing some very odd things lately with blogs so if you’re wondering why I’ve suddenly popped up as a follower again, it’s because WP put the mockers on my connection with your blog!

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