‘Robert Rich: Requiem’ bekijken op YouTube

Robert Rich: Requiem: http://youtu.be/wzTrFtieclc

      Don’t   Forget                    ⭐
                        To Fall
          ⭐                            In Love

             ❤ With Yourself  First ❤
            This World Needs
        A   GROUP HUGGGG !

     La Brujitaaa 💋










35 gedachten over “‘Robert Rich: Requiem’ bekijken op YouTube

  1. beloved L: we follow your posts & take profound even if vicarious delight in the tsunami of virginal inspiration that your poetic soul is surfing…ourself? we (the white wolfe & marc) are in a time of harvest sifting the wheat from the chaff…your art is a part of that harvest…you have tapped into some rich & primal archetypes in your artistic pilgrimage…the raven (wisdom), the stallion (the sacred warrior), the mirror (self portraiture as in Gnothi Seauton)…perhaps it is time to plunge beneath the surface?…all the symbols you use are ancient!…are you familiar with Arthurian Mythology & its syncretic relationship to Judeo-Christian (Catholic not Protestant) mysticism? Perhaps you have seen the film if not read Tolkein? I mention these because you seem to be an integral part, at the cutting edge, the high water-mark of the emerging shift in human consciousness from duality into Non-duality (Advaita)? the dafree whitewolfe sends you inspiration our beautiful sister of the sacred packe! may you quill never lack the raven’s ink! -marc

  2. Thank you for liking “First Snow.” I enjoyed listening to Robert Rich’s hauntingly beautiful music. Thanks for the link. 🙂 I also think you are right about the world needing a group hug. There is so much negativity in the world today.

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