Ecstatic bliss
Look at me
It’s our secret
Laugh like
Downy clouds
In colors and words
Like loving
Your thoughts
Made me speak
My love for you
My heart
Doesn’t easily open
Softly guided
By the path of your love

Your scent
Penetrates my
Like matching
Planetary orbits
That letter
You will see
One day
I will say
I love you


Wauss zijn 
Kijk me aan
Is ons geheim
Lachen als
Donzige wolken
In kleuren en woorden
Als liefdevolle
Jou gedachtes
Deed mij spreken
Mijn liefde voor jou
Ik laat me niet
Zomaar gaan
Laat me leiden
Door jou liefdesbaan

Jou geur
Gaat door mijn
Als een passend
haal dat briefje uit
Zijn vouw
Zul je zien
Op een dag zeg ik
Dat ik van je hou





60 gedachten over “♥Love♥Love♥

  1. It’s so nice that you wrote a love letter to me. I love you too :-). You really out did your self here. Lovely artwork, beautiful poem with an English translation and lovely pictures of you and your raven. I hope to meet you some day.

  2. Hmm,
    “Love, Love” is poetry in motion, no matter the language, as it is universal in its being. You are talented more than a singular expression. Photographs embedded are surreal and haunting, as well, somewhat seductive (if I may be so bold).
    Thanks for following my page, and please continue with your posts of that which dreams accompany.


  3. Hey Lalo, thanks for dropping by my poem
    Your poem, and the images– pretty much some of the best stuff I’ve seen. Awesome. That crow… the opaqueness… Amazing mate 🙂

  4. Hello.
    I have previously posted a comment for the loveliness of “Love, Love”, but, wanted to add my thanks for the follow. G’day.


  5. Beautiful. I love this piece and your artwork is stunning! I’m going to share this with my love 💗 Many thanks for visiting my blog, I’m so pleased! Delightful. Be well, jules

  6. Thank you for the precious words. What was your inspiration, if you don’t mind me asking. I would love to hear a soundcloud snippet in both English and Dutch. It would be very enriching and a treat. Btw, have you seen the film Maleficent recently. The black crow is an intriguing creature. Cheers from Quebec, Canada:)

  7. I am so pleased that you follow my blog and enjoy the artwork of other artists that I post. I am actually a writer who loves all forms of art. I would follow you but I don’t speak your language and, though the photos and paintings are absolutely amazing, I also want to enjoy your writings, such as this poem.

    Your husky is so beautiful. I have had a husky in my life and he was so loyal and true. Your photos bring back memories of a true love. I should follow you just for the art and photos. Okay, I will. You are a truly talented artist. I don’t want to miss out.

  8. Such beautiful imagery. Thank you for the gift of putting your feelings into words and then sharing them with all of us.
    Also thank you for visiting my blog I hope you will visit again as I plan on visiting here often from now on.

  9. I believed your poem the 1st 4 weeks of July for the 1st time in years. But man, by the 5th week and things went whack, I’m so worse off than my old usual life. But yeah, at least now I do believe. Thanks for the nice poem. I hope it doesnt take years to feel it again. OMG.

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