‘Hot Chip – “Look At Where We Are” by Danny Perez …’ bekijken op YouTube

Hot Chip – “Look At Where We Are” by Danny Perez …: http://youtu.be/sZgUOiwOuC0

That thing we call
       Intuition ★     ◆          ★

It’s    ★   your    SOUL♥

You  can trust it !!!   ☆

See    the     beauty
♥               ¤          ♥      ♡
   Things ★☆★☆





48 gedachten over “‘Hot Chip – “Look At Where We Are” by Danny Perez …’ bekijken op YouTube

      1. Of course! Worse case scenario, you’re crazy and feed me to your birds. I’ve live a full life. If it’s my time, it’s my time. :;)

  1. …too bad for us that this white wolfe is so far far far away from you! he would be courting you with chocolate & roses if he lived closer in time & space ..,you are drop dead beautiful to me! kuusje! your merlyn!

  2. Hi, I was alerted you liked my post, so I thought I’d look at your stuff. The night I intend to make a personal ceremony for the Morrigan and I see there are pictures of Ravens, of love, sensuality and inner strength that shines out from within. Thank you for this.


  3. loverly post! well done again! nice video. i love the mask metaphor! i have used in my poetry in the past. particularly like the ❤ photo! with a last name like mine i collect them & wolves too!

  4. I love every photo and all the words you’ve ever written. It akso gives me a charge that you lie the poems I have written. Lately you are seeing poems I wrote as a teenager. You amaze and tantalize me. Thanks for that !

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